Corfu Cuisine !!!

As every other place in Greece, Corfu has its traditional cuisine for which is famous too.

Some of the most famous local dishes are …..

Bourdeto: For those who like it “hot” it is a fish stew made mostly with “scorpion” fish in a hot red sauce of garlic, paprika and cayenne pepper.

Sofrito: A dish for meat lovers. Thin slices of veal meat cooked with vinegar, wine, olive oil, garlic and a lot of parsley. Served with rice or

Pastitsada: A  tomato sauce lovers’ special. It is a casserole dish that it is traditionally made with cockerel, but can also be made with chicken or beef, with a rich tomato sauce. Served with pasta and a lot of grained “kefalotyri” cheese (pecorino like cheese)

Many other culinary surprises will come your way with your visit to ERKINA VILLAS.

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Corfu Cuisine
Corfu Cuisine
Corfu Cuisine
Corfu Cuisine